About us

We are an artisan company with that
investigatesm rescues, preserves, and
promotes ancestral textiles techniques.
We weave, embroider, knit, crochet, and
sew high-quality products that speak to
both our traditions and modern trends.
In a market dominated by
mass-produced products made from
synthetic and sometimes hazardous
materials, we proudly make natural
products by hand.


From stylish belts to cozy mittens, our
products demonstrate a knack for style
and function. We make beautiful pillows,
tapestries, and table runners to adorn
your home. We make handy totes and
purses to haul your necessities. The
selection presented in this catalog
shows a variety of our products, It is
easy for us to adapt the sizes, materials,
and designs, to the needs of the client.


The richness and quality of
craftsmanship in the area have made
Ayacucho known as the "Capital of Folk
Art and Crafts of Peru". Pre-Columbian
artisans drew on the natural abundace
of resources to create. The region was
inhabited by various indigenous groups,
including the Wari, Chanka, Nasca, and
Inca peoples, The textiles and ceramics
left behind attest to their dedication to
theis crafts. The Spanish arrival funneled
indigenous impulses into new forms,
techniques, and imagery.

We take care of our own as well as our customers

We proudly support a network of over 600 families. Many were displaced
form their original communities and live close our workshop. Your purchases
help them put food on their tables and keep their children in school.